Although we’ve not quite said goodbye to 2018 yet, there’s no harm in looking ahead to the fashion trends that are set to be big in menswear next year.

If you plan to hit the sales just after Christmas, you might even want to look out for a few bits to make sure your outfits stay on trend as we start 2019.

Pinterest has released its trend report for next year, and it’s picked out a few things to look out for in the world of menswear.

It seems corduroy is going to come back in vogue, with the site revealing that searches for the fabric have increased by 507 per cent in the past year. It’s even prompted the website to name 2019 the “Year of Corduroy”. And it’s not only cord trousers you can wear, but also blazers.

Another top trend for the coming year is scarves. Men’s neck scarves are proving popular in all their guises, with searches for these items up by 29 per cent.

Other trends for guys to watch include plaid pants, cropped trousers and mixing prints. In fact, searches for mismatched prints were up by 89 per cent, while there’s been a 671 per cent surge in searches for cropped trousers.

If you’re not sure how to embrace the new fashion crazes over the coming months, consider using a personal stylist for men to make sure your wardrobe is on point.

GQ recently published its list of the best dressed men for 2019, with plenty of people to take inspiration from.

In at number one is musician and actor Donald Glover, with the magazine commenting that he is “providing all the Seventies-inspired vibes a modern man needs in his wardrobe right now”.