I can’t believe I’ve not done a blog since before covid – how did that happen? There wasn’t much news to share through that crazy period regarding outfit choices, clothes seemed unimportant at the time. It was such a relief to me when we could shop for clothes again – I was like a kid in a sweetie shop! Anyway its that time of year when you need to do a quick wardrobe sort and get to grips with mid-season dressing

Getting Back To The Shops
Clothes DO feel very important once again, lots of you felt a little lost after cosy clothes-land ended and I’ve been guiding many of you on what feels “YOU” once again . Some completely changed your outfit choices and required a different laid back, easy, relaxed style, even corporate dressing feels more relaxed. Some good advice in this article in Harper’s Bazaar

Exciting Season
On a clothing note, it’s very encouraging news this season regarding outfit choices – everything feels more realistic for an everyday wardrobe, refreshing that this season is about “less is more’’, very wearable and easy, yippee for that!!!

Time To Clear Out That Wardrobe
It’s time to put that summer clothing away, and the correct moment for you to sort out your wardrobe before you invest in anymore clothing. This is key to having outfits to wear that you like, and successful shopping. Have a look at this Vogue article

Invest In YOU

The most important point I want to stress is, if any of you have lost your way, feel out of touch, unsure how to create outfits or feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothing you have in your wardrobe

Make change, just get in touch !!!!

Andi X