Janice’s Story

Janice works for UNICEF. For five years she’d worked in a country with a hot climate, wearing very light clothing in the office. But she was recently relocated and in the need for outfits to suit much colder temperatures.

Personal Shopping Session and Styling

We were really starting from scratch as Janice’s winter clothing was none existent and what she did have left looked out of date, as it had not been refreshed for nearly six years. So, we went shopping together and created a whole new working wardrobe to suit a colder climate.

I wanted to find pieces for her that could easily be mixed and matched. Making it easy to create day to night outfits. Also, to find items that could be layered so they worked for both autumn and the colder months.  A whole new capsule wardrobe was designed for her, including the right range of footwear. This meant she didn’t have to think about how to put an outfit together because everything went with everything, so it was easy getting dressed for work!


Janice was delighted with her new looks and now has a great capsule wardrobe to suit her job posting and she was extremely grateful. It totally took the stress out of searching for new clothes to suit her new working life.

Paul’s Story

Paul has his own IT company, he was recently divorced and hadn’t bought clothes for himself in years. In the past his ex-wife had always bought them for him. He didn’t know where to start and felt very nervous about shopping and how to create outfits to suit his lifestyle, he’d lost his confidence in understanding what suited him. He not only wanted to find new clothes, but also understand what colours, styles and brands suit him.

Personal Wardrobe Session and Styling

Before we went shopping, I visited Paul at his home to work through the clothes he had already in his wardrobe. The first thing I discovered was that most of his clothes were too big and doing nothing for his shape. He’d never noticed before but when I pulled his shirt into his body he saw in the mirror how much it changed his shape. We also needed to add more colour into wardrobe to break up the black, navy and grey. On another day we hit the shops together and had great day creating a new, fresh wardrobe that fit well and introduced him to colours he never realised suited him.


Paul was so happy with his new wardrobe! He felt energized and much more confident in his new clothes, he just kept saying “I’ve been wearing the wrong size for so many years and I just didn’t see it.” He also loved the new colours I’d introduced him to. He said I’d changed his life and he felt better than he had in years!

Annabelle’s Story

Anabelle was 15 years old, her mum was already a client of mine for many years and was concerned her daughter lacked confidence in the way she dressed. Anabelle was gorgeous with an hourglass figure but she wanted to dress like her best friend whose shape was completely different to hers. she felt very self-conscious and had resorted to constantly wearing back leggings and baggy sweatshirts.

Personal Shopping Session

I took Anabelle out on a shopping trip and showed her how to dress her figure, while still looking young and fresh. She began to understand what shapes and lengths worked on her body but also how to still feel trendy and confident. Together we worked out what she liked and found pieces of clothing that just made her feel comfortable and herself. She loved the way I could play around with outfits, creating a look she loved but then adding a piece to dress it up for a family event and changing is again for when she was going out with friends.


Anabelle’s mum emailed me with how happy she was that we had created a wardrobe full of clothes that Anabelle was confident wearing. Her new wardrobe had a range of outfits for all different occasions. She used to get defensive when her mum tried discussing anything to do with what she was wearing but now she is more positive and has started developing her own style, talking to her mum more about clothes instead of just avoiding the subject.