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I offer a variety of services to help clients change the way they look, feel and shop.

Get in touch for a chat and we can talk about your situation, goals and budget and I can advise you on the most suitable package for your needs.

Liberation Personal Shopping Session

This session incorporates personal shopping & styling catered to your budget, body shape, coloruing, lifestyle and personality. To enable me to make the most of our time together and understand your exact needs, I will first ask you to fill in a short client form. Before your session takes place, I will have undertaken any necessary research I feel is needed to make sure we will achieve the results you want. I then accompany you to stores most likely to stock the type of clothing that fits your budget and lifestyle, selecting clothing that will suit you best, matching the look and feel you want to achieve. You will also be shown how to accessories and co-ordinate your new clothing. Whether you need complete new wardrobe or an outfit for an occasion It’s a fun session with the end result you feel confident and revitalized as you’ll have so many outfits to wear.


Liberation Wardrobe Session

This takes place in your home and usually lasts around three to four hours depending how much clothing there is to sort through. You will be asked to fill in a client form first to enable me to understand how you feel about yourself at the moment, your life style, budget, and your needs. Together we will work through your wardrobe learning what styles, shapes, and colours suits you best & why they work so well on you and what must never be seen again! An assessment of how best to maximise your current wardrobe to make it work will be made. I will then recommend a list of clothing, plus the all- important suggestions on where to find them to boost your current wardrobe. It’s great to let go & get the new you started.


Liberation Total Revamp

This is the complete liberation experience incorporating both the Wardrobe session and the personal shopping day, first we start with your wardrobe then on a different day go on a personal shopping trip. You will end up feeling stylish, confident, with a wardrobe full of great clothes and ready for anything.

2 day sessions £1100

Liberation Men’s Styling & Shopping Day

With all my experience over the years of styling I have found my male clients grasp the art of making the best of themselves easily whilst listening to me when out purchasing new clothing on a personal shopping/styling session. You firstly fill out a client form before our session takes place, this way I’m able to carry out research beforehand making the session planned & focused and we will achieve lots in a short time.

On the day I will show you why certain colours work best on you, why certain styles, shapes, and lengths work on your body shape – how to mix & match colours well and how to layer to make your look more interesting & individual – how to make clothes look smart or casual depending on the occasion and how to accessories well (it’s the little things that get you noticed). I’m can advise on hair and skin care, what to wear for a date – get your sportswear together – in fact I will help you purchase everything you will need for any occasion for the season ahead within your budget


Teen’s Session

The aim of the teenage session is to help those cherished young people or person in your life become comfortable in his or her own skin – it reinforces what styles, colours and shapes suit them.

I can encourage them to believe in and be confident about their own choices and not to just “follow” fashion and the latest trends.   I can show them how to create and understand their own unique and precious style whatever their height, weight or shape.

This is something I feel very passionate about and I have worked with lots of young people to help make sure self-confidence blossoms at an early age and they don’t waste years feeling insecure about their own style or body shape!


Online Styling and Shopping Advice

My online styling service is designed for those of you that would like expert advice but its not possible to have one-to-one personal shopping or wardrobe session experience with me. The beauty of this service is that it can be done where you are without stepping out your door. First we have a consultation then I will do my research for you and either bring the clothes to your home or give you clothing links for you to order your new outfits, maybe all you need is advice on your correct clothing styles, shapes, scale, colours and a gentle push in the right direction to get you back on track.

I know what’s in the shops each season and we work together on what you should buy for the season ahead to suit your lifestyle.  Maybe you just need an outfit for a special occasion, little refresh,  or a whole new wardrobe, whatever your clothing need are my online styling advice will save you precious time, money and the energy so you can spend time doing what you love and looking great while you are doing it!

Online styling starts at £400

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