I find getting dressed harder at this time of the year. I’m starting to get fed up of heavy winter layers, but the weather is making it hard for change. The sale stock has disappeared from the shop floor ( about time!) with fresh brighter clothing appearing and spring flower prints popping up everywhere. Loving what you are wearing improves how you are feeling.

Do not underestimate the power of enjoying what you are wearing. It makes me feel so much happier, I even wore a spring like dress recently, which I haven’t done since enjoying the Australian beach weather in early Jan. I’m feeling more energised with a new spring step in my personal styling legs, as fresh stock is arriving on the shop floors. Can you imagine my change of mood just by being able to wear brighter lighter clothes?

Loving what you are wearing has a massive effect on your overall health and mood. I witness this all the time. I’m a much nicer person when I’m feeling confident in an outfit. My family knows how moody I am if I hate what I’m wearing, so sad but true!

It’s so rewarding for me seeing my clients transformed when they look at themselves in the mirror and love what they are seeing. Whether male or female, no matter what age, they all leave me in a happier place, because they love their new outfits. Check this artical out the Goodtherapy

Some of my clients finish their shopping session in a change of outfit as they feel happier with their new looks – how cool is that? I’ve experienced this myself, ran into somewhere like Zara to buy a new top as I wasn’t happy with my outfit. I needed a colour boost.

We live in a highly visual world where we are judged on the way we look – so the power of clothing is immense! We project more confidence when we feel great in an outfit. Colour has a massive effect on our moods – just wearing the right coloured top or accessory next to our face complimenting your skin tone gives us an instant lift, this alone improves your mood – Found a interesting article in Vogue on clothes and colour.

Of course, on our days off or relaxing at the weekend, we can be in sweats or gym gear, I put mine on all the time when not styling but often forget the exercise part! Thank god my job keeps me fit!

Our inner health is also very important, what we eat, sleep, exercising and work balance, but I swear if I’m working with someone that isn’t feeling their ideal weight or hasn’t been exercising, new outfits kick starts them into eating healthier and starting a exercise regime. So never wait to invest in yourself!

Andi X