It’s a lovely time of the year to shop when the leaves are falling, we swap rose wine for red, and we start wearing our cosy jumpers again, I’m still not ready for a big over coat just yet.

The high-street has really reinvented itself for the better here in London this season, interesting article by Eliza,

Our good value high-street favourite stores that are still standing strong are creating strong lux lines that are competing with what I call my middle brands, Maje, Sandro, Reiss etc, have a look at Mango

They are certainly giving them a good run for their money this season!

What’s to enjoy out there………….

Hour glass shapes

Celebrate your curves – the hourglass shape is everywhere and its joyous to see again as we’ve had long, lean oversized shapes for quite a while. There’s more of an even balance in choice now for different body shapes. I’ve been wearing my son’s massive, oversized t-shirts, so maybe I’ll get back to things actually fitting me.


The natural waist-accentuating ruffle detail, fabulous if you have a tiny waist to show off. I used to love this one but not sure my middle can take it now. Interesting article here in fashion magazine


Black coats are everywhere, easy one for any of you can handle black near your face – I’ll even encourage some of you buy them this season, I’m normally shouting across shop floors “Not Black”.

White Shirt Wonder

So many white shirts on offer. What a staple and can be worn with everything, casual or smart – just grab yourself a fresh new white shirt. Then if you add a thin black tie, you’ve created a very influenced look for this season. If you buy only one thing new, make sure its a white shirt

Business Dressing

Suits, suits and more suits – we saw them all summer long in bright colours. I was often creating them as special occasion outfits for Summer 23. Now they’re a more corporate feel with an edge. Look great running around town with your smart trainers or chunky loafers, dress them down with a graphic T-shirt or up with a sequin or metallic layer.

Winter Florals

What would our shop floors look like without florals, it’s like an old friend and they do make winter shop floors feel cheery in the darker months ahead. Vougue on hand to help us wear our old bloom clothing this winter

Stay Warm

Never fear, stylish blankets, scarves and shrugs are everywhere to be thrown over all our outfits to keep us warm this season, bigger the better for effect.

Metallic Wow

Metallics are in all forms of clothing and footwear, they really help to lift the darker shades this season – I love them! They also help our wellbeing whilst shopping. I never get fed up of a bit of shine in winter.


It’s certainly mostly all about chunk still regarding footwear, feels quite odd when you add anything dainty to your looks. For any of you in need of something lighter though, there are lots of cute court shoes with a point out there. Otherwise choose from oversized chunky loafers with a wide rubber sole, laced midi boot, a Doc martin look, and still staying strong is the trainer – will we ever let them go? No!!!!

So Important To Feel Good

At this time of the year clothes really help lift our moods and wellbeing, the impact of liking what you see in the mirror and how you feel in your clothes has such massive effect! Read my article on loving what you are wearing,

Anyone stuck in a rut, have a clothing query, just can’t find something you need, give me a call, I’m always here to help.

Andi X