Teens Personal Shopping & Styling

Boosting body confidence

As a teenager, one of the most difficult things to deal with is the physical changes taking place inside your body and the confusing feelings you can experience with it. But this is a great time to discover your own unique style and express your personality through the clothes you wear. With my help, we can develop your style in a way that flatters you, whatever your body shape.

If you’re a parent, it can be difficult watching your son or daughter growing up and dealing with the mixed emotions about their body image. This is where a styling session can be an effective way to boost teen confidence early. With advice and guidance from an experienced stylist, your teenager will come away looking great and more importantly, feeling comfortable and confident in their own unique skin .

I love my new clothes. You are such a star. Thank you for being so patient and lovely and having such great taste!


Andi made shopping for my teenage daughter a fun experience – a first for her! In the past, my daughter has found difficult to find clothes that she likes and that suit her shape and style. As a result, she hated shopping and was cranky. This was a great experience for her.


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