Have you mastered the art of dressing in-between season? It’s so hard to get it right – transitioning from cold winter to the warmer months of spring summer. One minute it seems you’re perfectly warm and the next you’re freezing cold. I always say to my clients we have four dressing seasons in the UK, so as a personal shopper I make sure they walk away with the right layers and don’t get caught out.

Here’s a few simple tricks to get you from the heavy winter layers to the lighter layers of spring – keep in mind that your outfit should evoke the season you’re going into……..

The day you take off your winter tights it can feel very strange coming out of your opaque safety blanket of thick dark tights especially if you’ve been wearing dresses through winter – if you’re not ready for bare legs just go for a much finer denier to make your outfit feel sunnier. “A barely there” shade is always a good colour for this time of year, especially as some in the corporate world wear tights all year round for work.

Heavy winter coats feel too much at this time of year and you get sick of carrying them around when the sun does shine, but as there is still a nip in the air, especially early morning or evening. Carry a large warm scarf – you can easily whip it out and put it round your lighter jacket and this is exactly what I’m doing now when meeting a client on a morning personal shopping trip.

Change your long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt to a short sleeved one and if you do feel the cold still wear a jersey body under whatever your wearing as this makes a huge difference to keeping us warm. Best jersey bodies/vest are in H&M and M&S and if you want to spend a bit more, I love the Jigsaw ones or Intimissimi as they last more than one season. The cheaper brands are usually recycled after one season on my personal wardrobe sessions, so remember to refresh at the beginning of a new season.

Peeling layers are an absolute must for good mid-season dressing as you can easily whip of a t-shirt or body from under a dress or top whilst out and about in a changing room or toilet – have an oversized sweatshirt, fine jumper or cardigan over your outfit as they can easily be put in your bag. If it’s a work suit a great crunch up down jacket works a treat for over a smart corporate outfit – they are also great for over casual or smart dresses – Uniqlo always does a great range, they’re very warm and amazing when travelling. There’s nothing worse than feeling cold and wishing you’d brought another layer.

Footwear is an easy way to make an outfit you’ve been wearing in the winter look more seasonal appropriate. Simply by changing the look from a boot to a shoe, sandal or pump or smart trainers instantly makes your outfit look lighter. In the Corporate world the shoe can change to nude from a dark – this gives the look of a fresh spring feel immediately. For those of you that still love wearing a boot, change it to a lighter colour, maybe a summer tan and leave off the tights – that’s a great summer look with dresses & skirts.

Bag change, this is such an easy one but makes a huge difference like a shoe, by changing to lighter shades and putting your navy & black bags away for a summer rest makes an outfit feel softer & lighter straight away.

It’s time to get out of long trousers! Change your long length trousers or jeans to cropped or put a turn up on your long jeans so they feel cropped & look more summery. Colours again – it’s important get out of your heavy dark colours so if it’s a jean change to washed-out more faded colour and trousers try to pick a lighter colour than black and navy. For me it’s a time to get out of trousers and get into my skirts and dresses with layers underneath or on top to avoid feeling cold when traveling to town. I can easily peel a layer off when in the shops when I become hot from running around.

Fabrics – try to get out of your wool jackets, coats and trousers and go for lighter cottons, viscose and silk – it’s a little too early for very fine fabrics like linen but changing your fabrics now for a finer one is heading in the right direction but still with a warmer layer on hand! My favorite layer for this time of year worn over my lighter fabrics is anything cashmere as it keeps me so warm when needed but is light. Cashmere looks SO great next to silk or cotton.

Hope this helps to get you through to the glorious light outfits ahead! As a London personal stylist I’m here to help if you get stuck or just need ideas.

Andi X