The suit has long been a wardrobe classic, however this season it’s gone to joyous rainbow heights colour wise, in fact tutti fruitti WOWZA indeed! It’s not just your ordinary reliable safe smart pant suit for spring summer 19 – they come in bright shades as well as pastel and for the brave your jacket can be teamed with shorts and for the fitness toned bodies even cycle shorts – thank you Kim K my legs can’t pull them off on Oxford street – squats again everyone ouch! Who What Wear reports we are going to see Princess Diana worthy suits, bring it on!

On offer out there is oversized, fitted, double breasted single breasted, asymmetrical, all kinds of different fabulous fastenings, but there’s one thing for sure it’s all about the colour. Some of you may have seen my social media postings of the coloured ones on offer already out on the shop floors– it’s time to be brave and get out of your grey & navy as there such a colour burst this year. Elle is telling us this is the season of Starburst suiting that runs the gamut in terms of colour and cut.

As a personal shopper in London that likes to be comfortable whilst running around on tubes and buses, I particularly love the ones with cropped kick flare trousers (with a little stretch as need to lose that winter pooch) but there’s so many amazing ones everyone will find something to suit their individual clothing personally, colouring, taste and budget. Dress them down with trainers if you’re just feel like wearing one to run around in as these don’t need to be just used for the work place.

It’s such an easy painless way to energise your existing wardrobe for spring summer and they can help fill that awkward gap going from winter to lighter wear of the warmer weather as the beginning of the warmer season is always tricky to get right, one minute your boiling hot and annoyed you brought a coat the next your freezing because you felt it safe not to wear one. Imagine how easy it is to make a suit paired with a simple T or shirt work at this time of year, and you don’t have to break the bank for the investment! Take a look at the vast range in Zara.

So have some fun with this one, go on be brave look at one of the many fabulous coloured suits on offer this season -keep an eye on my social media postings for the best ones and if you just don’t have time to shop its time to try a personal stylist