Women’s Personal Shopping, Styling & Wardrobe Sessions

Never say I’ve got nothing to wear again

With our increasingly busy lifestyles, it’s no wonder that even the thought of clearing your wardrobe or shopping can leave us feeling more exhausted than excited. The wealth of choice in style, colour and cut can sometimes serve to exasperate further. So, leave the hard work to me.
Choose from a personal styling/shopping session or a wardrobe session – or both. I assure you, never ever again will you look in your wardrobe thinking nothing suits or roam the shops and come home empty handed after a shopping trip.

Personal wardrobe session

We work through your wardrobe separating the good from the not so good, showing you how to create different outfits from clothes you own. It’s amazing what a fresh eye can do. You will be given lots of suggestions on the best styles, shapes, scale and colour for you; understanding the gaps in your wardrobe and where to buy key pieces to create different outfits.

Wardrobe sessions are a great way to maximise the clothes people already have by coordinating the best of what they currently own. Editing, by an expert eye, can reveal new possibilities without having to buy many or any new clothes.

Personal shopping/styling session

I’ll help you consider the choices selected shops have to offer. I will do all the ground work and research, taking the pressure out of trying to find the right clothes for you. Whether you need style ideas for an event or just everyday life, I will show you the colours, styles, scale and shapes that suit you best.

With a little push in the right direction and guidance on how to make shopping easier, you save valuable time, money and achieve that inner confidence to effortlessly look your very best.

What you wear says so much about who you are. Andi has really helped me over several years in which I’ve changed shape and size through pregnancies and switched jobs and roles to feel confident about myself and ready to face almost anything because I always DO have something to wear!


What a difference having amazing clothes to wear – every single day – can make. Of course there are all the practical things about going shopping with Andi – the efficiency of getting a whole wardrobe in one day, the incredible style advice that makes you wear the clothes not the clothes wear you, the money saved and bargains found. But most of all it’s fun. Why spend a day at a spa feeling good for one day – when you can feel great every day when you get up and put on your clothes.


Andrea is a truly gifted stylist. She changed my wardrobe from being ordinary, safe and classic to vibrant, exciting and feeling 20 years younger! She has a gift for selecting garments that fit your personality and budget that look stunning. Many times, I say: “I couldn’t wear that and she would say – just try it and Wow it looked amazing. She doesn’t follow the classic way of selecting colours that fit your so-called colours. She is unconventional, exciting, fun and makes you look a million dollars. Spending a day with Andrea is cost-effective as everything you buy you love and the hardest part is getting rid of the items 10 years later!


Thank you very much for yesterday! It was such an eye opener and I truly enjoyed myself even though I never thought I would. Thank you for all your help and being so friendly. It really made me feel at ease from the moment I met you. I will look forward to wearing, and already had plenty of compliments today. Once again thank you, and no doubt you will hear from me! 


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