Burr!! It’s chilly, so I’m here again to report what’s happening on the shop floors near you for Autumn winter 17/18. Yes, it does feel like I’ve just sent out Summer 17 but as I look out of my window at the rain and feel the chill in the air I know it’s time to focus on some warmth! Many trends are still here so it’s highly likely you already own some of the revitalizing, refresh pieces that’s needed to make you feel with it. Those of you that often join me on the shops floors each season know that I try to keep a little touch of “Summer feel” even in my heavier winter looks as I’m a summer girl at heart – that’s why layering was invented! There’s always so many to choose from but here are my picks.


There is so much red about it’s unreal and I’m so thankful as it’s such a strong, sexy but heart-warming colour that brings the shop floors alive, keeps them exciting and bursting with this fabulous amazing much-loved colour.


The power suit is everywhere as the catwalk came over all executive this season. They are on offer in all kinds of silhouettes, trouser lengths, un-structured, structured, boxy, and slim fit – you name it it’s out there! They’re such an easy thing to wear and put your own stamp on. So top season tip is to get yourself some new tailoring, whether a smart one for work or something just to have fun in.

Corduroy is back – yippee!!!

This is my favourite come back of all time as I love this groovy 70s fabric. It’s like marmite, love it or hate it this fabric is back with a bang! It’s even around in blush, teal and other fabulous dreamy colours – no reminder of the mad professor look in sight – I’m so happy to add cord to my existing wardrobe this season.

Shine & Sparkle

As sure as florals make their explosive appearance for spring each year, everything that shines and sparkles appears for Autumn & Winter. There’s more glitz and glamour out there than ever before, disco boots and vibrant metallic – it’s ok to shine day or night. This season’s offerings are quite diverse, from 70s disco vibe to space-age silver for an intergalactic feel and even chain mail is the new fabric for parties – it’s very WOW indeed.

Fabulous Knits

I love this one as my drawers are bursting with fabulous, loud, chunky knits.  I adore my crazy knit collection, it’s often too hot for me to wear them in the shops but over a dress or summer skirt is my favourite look this season. Alpine knits, granny cardigans, over-sized chucky knits with pretty midi skirts (my personal favourite) or slouchy trousers just make sure your knits have a personality this season

Seventies Show

There’s was a hint of all eras this season from the catwalks but the one that speaks the loudest is 70s – yippee as it’s my favourite! Retro wallpaper graphics, tabaco and orange palate, flowing dresses, lots of disco fever classics, glam rock, velvet, corduroy, shearling and fur – love it!


I can’t remember when hats have been more fashionable so they’re getting a mention. So, if you look good in them rejoice as it’s time to get one on. Furry caps, leather berets, hip hop bucket hats, caps and even a simple wool one, get something on your head!

Others that are strong

Ruffles, bows and anything feathery are still in – tartan or a country check is cool, sportswear for normal wear still as massive as ever.  I’ve noticed sportswear is taking even larger spaces on our shop floors as it’s so adored by us. Capes are cool, one shoulder anything still hot, and lots of American influenced patchwork. Winter florals still hanging on but are a little more chintzy than our soft summer ones, and the onslaught of pink is still strong. Belts are still a must so clinch in that waist. Quilted coats are everywhere and you can still have your say with political slogans on your favourite top. Shearling seems to be oversized this season and tights have gone all fancy. Oversized bags are on show – bigger the better I say then we can shove more in without having to buy a plastic one! Earrings are still massive and statement-like if that’s your thing and crystal anything on your footwear

As ever, thank you for reading and I’ll start my daily postings on Facebook etc. very soon of top picks from the high-street.  Sorry I’m slow but I do hang on to summer tightly and am in denial that I need to cover my legs soon!

Andi X