It doesn’t feel that summer has hit just yet! I haven’t had many chances to run around in light summer clothing and it feels continuously like mid-season where we still need those warmer layers and carry something for the rain. It’s going to be bumper sales this summer season with lots of stock up for grabs, so it’s an amazing opportunity to buy something that you’ve had your eye on but haven’t got around to purchasing yet. Beware though as this is when expensive mistakes take place, Anna Tobin writes in Prima with so many discounts on offer, it can be easy to splurge on buys that you don’t really want or need. It’s the time of year that we get excited and buy reduced price clothing just because it’s in the sale. Unfortunately, I often find these pieces still with tags on in my client’s wardrobe’s when I’m doing a wardrobe sort with them. It’s so easy to make a mistake and purchase items just because it has a 50% off discount tag to tempt us. Focused sale shopping is always best, so here are some tips to keep in mind when doing your summer sale shopping.

Wardrobe Edit

Do a quick wardrobe edit and have a list of clothes that you feel would be important to add to your existing wardrobe to make it work for you for the current season.Please read my wardrobe edit blog for this.

Already Spotted

Sale shopping is always more successful if you have clocked an item earlier in the season, tried it on and know it’s going to work perfectly in your wardrobe, so focus on clothing you already love not because you feel it’s a great bargain – it’s not a bargain if it doesn’t get worn!

Leave It

If in doubt about an item that’s on sale – leave it, as you probably don’t really need it if you’re thinking about it too much. So, save your money for clothing you really do want, not because it’s on sale.

Morning Shopping

Hit the shops early when they open, shop alone so you don’t get swayed by another influence. This is the time of year the shop floors will be a mess & chaotic by lunch time. You can spot the great pieces much more easily when everything is organised first thing in the morning, and the stock is in the right section.

Complete Outfits

When you do buy an item ensure you are able to create an outfit from it – you may have the other pieces in your wardrobe already but, if not, buy the items to go with whatever you’ve purchased, otherwise it will sit in your wardrobe unworn if you can’t create an outfit from it.


If an item is damaged, dirty or looks a little sad, leave it! The chances are that you won’t get it fixed or the marks will not come off – I’ve learnt this one myself over the years. I love the 7 top tips avoiding bad buys in Debt Camel – great advice.

Quality Counts

This is a great time to spend on quality items – so treat yourself to those designer pieces you love, add some silk or cashmere pieces. You may have had your eye on a leather or suede jacket that’s just been a little more expensive than you’ve been prepared to spend. Interesting article on this in The Luxe Strategist.

Timeless Lasts

Try to think timeless pieces, rather than what’s on trend for the current season. The looks of each season change so fast. So, buy what suits you and you know will carry on to the next season easily!

More Is Less

Don’t be tempted to buy too much because its sale time – before you know it, it’s another clothing season! Check out 15 great tips in the Telegraph. It all helps to get the best out of the sales.

Andi X