Hello and welcome to my blog on the seasons news trends. Hope you all had a fabulous summer holiday!

After being on a mountain top in Italy, where my only connection to clothes shopping was the local market, there were a couple of cashmere bargains I couldn’t resist. It feels like everything is in fashion: long short, wide, skinny, 90s, 80s, 70s, oversized, fitted, you name it, it’s out there! I think that’s why some of you call me, too much to sort through alone!

Let’s start with a few trends that jumped out at me immediately. It feels too soon to be getting your heavy clothes out, but you do need that extra layer on already and getting ready for this mid-season spell makes it easier to move into the colder months. Great pictures in the Evening Standard for inspiration. Check out my Instagram as I post anything that I’m loving on the high street and other inspiring brands too.

Cosy Capes
Are you in need of a coat this season? Well if you are, a cape would be a great choice, it is a massive hit this winter. I didn’t invest in one the last time they were around, so I’m thinking a light wool one would be great.

There are lots of checks out there, this time it’s a little tougher look. Think checked shirts mixed with leather skirts or trousers. It’s easy to reinvent a check print in your wardrobe and give it a different edge. A checked jacket can be paired with almost anything: pretty dress, smart trousers, or a maxi skirt.

Feather It
One of the strongest trends to come out of the autumn/winter shows are feathers. We saw feathers on all sorts of garments! I’m excited to see how the high street is influenced by this massive trend from the elite super brands. I would not be averse to wearing a touch of feather to a glam Christmas party.Take a look at this new trend in Glamour.

Moody Florals
Yes, florals are still here! I for one don’t need another floral print in my life, if they become passé, I donate half my wardrobe to charity or Alice! They are darker and moodier this season, a little Gothic, but florals are here to stay with us for another season.

Giant Bags or Itsy-Bitsy Bags
The bigger the bag, the better, this season! I’d use these bags to go away for the weekend – you can get everything in their including a small pet! On the other side of the spectrum little tiny structured ones that you can’t possible fit anything in other than your lipstick is also on trend.

Let’s go Asymmetric
Last season we had off the shoulder, this season it’s all about asymmetrical necklines – just add a blouse, top or t-shirt with this neckline and you’ve already elevated your outfits.

It’s a Clinch in Waist
This one is still very strong for autumn/winter, show off your waist yet again this season with your favourite belt. Add around a jumper, dress, work suit or jacket. You can even jazz up a simple, smart winter coat with a bling belt.

Your Cosy Puffer
The best thing about winter in my book is snuggling into your winter coat of choice. Whether you need something smart for the corporate world or something fun and laid back for the weekends – the puffer jacket has stayed with us this season. It just seems to be a favourite the designers are not going to let go.

The Puff Sleeves
I remember there was a time that the puff sleeve was on everything I picked up, then it disappeared and now the puff is back, making a strong appearance once again. There’s a puff-sleeve inside all of us, whether it’d prim or edgy. I’m so happy this one is back; I love a puff sleeve!

Ok, other ones that I’m noticing are very long hems on coats, they’re almost touching the floor. Hats are not boring this season; the dawn of the statement hat is here. So, if a hat is your thing to keep you warm in winter stock up. Maxi dresses still strong, wear with knee high boots this time around. My favorite of favorites is the statement sleeve shirt – Adore!!!!!! Check out this piece in the Stylist. Everything beige in your outfit is far from boring this season, best worn in different shades, this neutral has brought classic class to our shop floors. A very bright pair of shoes added to any favourite outfit gives a fresh twist. Pussy bow blouses, shirts with a pointed collar, regency-inspired square necklines, argyle knits are out there. Wide leg trousers still going strong, and anything satin gives your outfit a soft expensive feel. In leather absolutely everything is cool.

One thing for sure the shop floors are certainly not just grey, black and navy this season – their bright exciting and fun!